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Interoperability in the power network!? What is that all about?

The modernization of the power networks (the “smart grid”) is currently considered to be the largest infrastructure project of all time: a Greenpeace study assesses the costs for Europe alone to be more than 200 billion Euro, the worldwide estimate is 900 billion Euro. One basic component in this plan is the launch of digital meters (so-called smart meters) with communication interfaces for data transmission. Using these interfaces, users and energy providers can read the actual and cumulative energy consumption at any time and – even more important –the energy provider is able to influence consumption. This can be carried out indirectly with the introduction of time and load dependent rates, through dynamic notifications about current price information and even with the remote de-energization or energization of electricity consumers. The handling of all necessary communication aspects regarding this integration of power and IT networks, the testing of the interoperability between the anticipated variety of measuring and communication devices as well as the guarantee of the data security are the tasks of the IT4Energy Lab.


  • Many years of experience with the development and use of radio-based machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions
  • Comprehensive know-how in the field of the development of sensor networks as well as their integration into specific application scenarios
  • Advice on technology selection
  • Support for the planning and realization of smart metering systems


  • Internet integration of user-specific smart metering systems
  • Development, assessment and demonstration of system solutions based on selected communication technologies
  • Provision of a testing and development environment (hard- and software tools) based on state of the art sensor network technology
  • Development of optimized communication protocols
  • Execution and analysis of test series and simulations
  • If applicable, drafting of certification concepts


  • Creation of application-specific demonstration and presentation environments
  • Use of existing contacts and partner networks for the presentation of results
  • Training and consulting regarding the use of the newest sensor network technologies
  • Organization and conducting of topic-specific workshops
  • Creation of an internet-based platform for the demonstration of the work of the IT4Energy Lab
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Dr. Thomas Luckenbach

Fraunhofer FOKUS
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31
10589 Berlin



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