The approach of the interoperability laboratories is practice oriented: technical scenarios of various fields are examined and evaluated in regard to their interoperability-problematic.

eGovernment Lab
In the eGovernment Lab, work is carried out to improve the cross-system networking of the public administration in a heterogeneous world and to make it transparent.

SOA/Cloud Lab
The SOA/Cloud Lab shows, how promising technologies can be used in a heterogeneous service provider world and how economically risky technology-dependencies can be prevented.

Secure eIdentity Lab
The Secure eIdentity Lab researches secure and interoperable identity management with appropriate data protection and privacy based on different technologies and solutions in sovereign and commercial systems.

Document IOP Lab
The Document Interoperability Lab supports the planning, launch and use of new technologies and application of documents and helps with the analysis and troubleshooting of occurring interoperability problems.

eHealth Lab
In the eHealth Lab, electronic systems for the healthcare sector are developed, tested and optimized.

FUSECO Playground
The FUSECO Playground supports the planning, launch and use of telecommunication applications and helps with the analysis and troubleshooting of occurring interoperability problems in current and future telecommunication networks.

Open SOA Telco Playground
The Open SOA Telco Playground (OSTP) researches middleware and platform solutions for telecommunication in the field of service-oriented architectures in order to conciliate the heterogeneous service environment.

IT4Energy Lab
The IT4Energy Lab researches in the field "intelligent power grids" and supports and accompanies the integration of power and IT networks with the launch of digital meters (so-called smart meters) with communication interfaces for the data transmission.

Future Applications and Media Lab
With the help of reference implementation, innovative concepts for future-oriented technologies are developed in the Future Applications and Media Lab in the areas of hybrid TV, mobile web and media convergence and the possibility of implementing them into market-ready solutions is tested.

Automotive Lab
The Automotive Lab offers research and development services in the fields of development, testing and demonstration of software-intensive automotive electronic systems for automobile manufacturers and suppliers.