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Document Interoperability

Handling documents takes up a large part of our time. Often we are faced with the demand for a suitable office application for creating our own or for editing someone else's documents. For the purchase of new applications, the interoperability with existing office applications and documents has to be considered. For the joint editing of a document by several persons, either in parallel or in a sequential workflow, the portability of the prepared documents and the interoperability of the used office applications has to be considered. The Document Interoperability Lab examines the associated issues and provides the user with practical tips regarding the possibilities and limits of shared office applications and open document standards.

The launch of legally binding, electronic communication channels like ePost or DeMail will lead to an increased exchange of documents between companies, administrations and citizens. In addition, there is the continuously increasing distribution of electronic books and magazines. The portability of documents and the interoperability of document processing applications will become increasingly prominent in the future for the private individual as well as for business companies and administrations. A seamless information exchange depends on the ability of the involved systems to work together.

The launch of new technologies and applications in the area of creating, editing and publishing documents must be well planned in order to prevent surprises. The Document Interoperability Lab thus supports the planning, launch and use of corresponding applications and helps with the analysis and troubleshooting of occurring interoperability problems.

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